Friday, 7 January 2011

Doing 2011 in Cararrarararara with The Westons - in and around Surfers Paradise

Well we were treated to a sunny few days leading up to New Year, mostly spent by the pool, doing nails etc. all very taxing! NYE was awesome, Viv had to work, so it was just me and Paul (who's taxi failed to arrive, so Viv had to drive us in!). We met up with the banks boys (AJ and Nick), and cousin Adam once inside. Elliots band were AMAZING (Oceanics if you wanna check em out). I even had a song dedicated to me - at which point I spotaniously flung my arms in the air and said "that's me, he's talking about me" - oh the shame! Several fans came over to greet me as the front man's cousin. I'm practically famous.

Wonderul Viv picked us up at about 2 am I think, by which time we were all very very drunk. I played the tamborine in the street and hugged strangers - just how every new year should be entered!
Spent all of new years day in bed, suprise suprise! As did most of the household. Spent the first week of 2011 just chilling really.

Elliot took me up to Burleigh, (Nick and AJ joined us), where we climbed up a hill and accross scary massive boulders, to find 'cock rock' - a massive phallic rock that juts out of the cliff face overlooking the ocean. it was stunning, and boiling hot. If somewhat terrifying. Then we had a good ol swim at burleigh beach, but, being bank holiday monday, it was packed, so made a swift exit.

Sunbathing on Cock Rock
On tuesday, Me and Viv went up to Mount Tamburine to have devonshire tea but the scones were shit, so we're going to try again next week sometime. Whilst there though, we went to a cheese factory and brewary which was awesome, and I bought the most beutiful dress man ever created. so a success!

Worried that I was imposing myself a bit too much on the day-to-day living of the Westons (no excuses like christmas or new years by the first week of January!), I posted up a message on the Couch Surfing site, begging for friends. ...Well, boy did I have an awesome response. I think about 15 poeple wanna hang out!

So on wednesday, I met up with a lovely, smart, camp, good looking Canadian, Abraham (28, armenian, financial advisor, here on a months holiday on his own). Instantly hit it off. I stepped off the bus and he presented me with an ice-cold can of beer - my god does he know the way to my heart! We chatted on the beach, then went for dinner and wine at a burger bar, where we were joined by his two korean hostel-room-mates. Lovely Elliot picked me up in the evening and we went to the Golf Club as a family (Viv, Paul, me and ell).

Thursday was a play-date with Jason (Australian, 32, Real Estate, surfer). He lives near Coolanagatta, (spent a fair bit of time in the UK, and 12 months in Leeds, god knows why! Sorry Caro!). Viv dropped me at Kierra, and he took me for breakfast at an awesome little cafe called The Lido. From there we decided the weather was goo shitty to surf, so we went to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. What an awesome day! The animals were great. I held a snake, fed a kangaroo, saw a little joey squiggling around in and out of his mothers pouch. exciting stuff! Then we decided to do the 'Green Challenge'. This turned out to be a somewhat terrifying assault course consisting of ever-increasingly challenging high-rope obstacles, zip wires, ropeladders etc. With my fear of hights, and geberal lack of balance and co-ordination, this was somewhat of a personal challenge! I was relieved to see that Jase was about as terrified as I was.

We really got into the spirit of things though, and the sense of achievment was fantastic. We decided against attempting the advanced 'black course', which our fellow monkeys, (3 californians on the course), completed in the same time it took me and Jase to do the 'family friendly' course! Haha! We were very hot and sweaty from the overalls and general feeling of constant gripping fear, so we drove straight to the ocean for a quick dip to cool off. Jase drove me home (god bless the boy), and I collapsed after delicous Lasagne A'la Vivian! (Although, I have challenged her to a Lasagne-off!)

Friday (yesterday as I write this), Nicola and I (who is FINALLY back from Melbourne, god I missed that girl!), went for delicious Sushi, followed by a bit of shopping and a thai massage (don't try and deny it to yourselves, this is the life. THIS IS THE LIFE. I know i'm supposed to say that I want to work hard for a career and a nice house and raise my children, but what I want, what I really really want out of life, is sushi, shopping and thai ladies walking all over my back).

Finally the weekend is here - after such a gruelling week! I'm off to watch friends on the couch and then maybe i'll go the gym, and then for a swim. if it brightens up (which is looking promising), me and Nic will go to the beach!


I would like to include in this blog, a special message of love, for Wayne and Margot, my lovely hosts in rockhampton, who are currently affected by the floods, that are, believe it or not, the size of france and germany combined. And extra special love to Wendy and Phil, who are stuck on their way back home to Airlie, and even more love to poor Brady who is stuck at home without his Ma (Brades, party?!). Seriously though guys - there is an appeal if you wanna donate.


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