Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Surfers Paradise and life with The Weston's

After Christmas, me and The Westons spent a few good days doing what, it seams, Australians do best, shopping. They go completely mental for the end of year sales here. totally coockoo. But my god did I buy some awesome 'shit I don't need, with money I don't have' as Viv put it!

 Days passed in heady blur of red tags and malls. Robina, Pacific Fair, Harbour town. Dresses, shoes to go woth dresses, bags to go with shoes, shades to match handbag - I guess it's like riding a bike - you never forget how. I fit right back in that saddle like i'd never been away.

Several hundreds of dollars later - we decide to try out some of these new items on the classy(!) streets of Surfers Paradise. (After baking a beautiful pie like a good house guest!). Nic and I got the party started around 5pm, then Marge joined us at 7ish and we cracked into the Veuve. AJ and his buddy Hamish (kiwi accent so strong i did an awful lot of nodding and smiling), joined us in a taxi into town. We hit the irish pubs, starting with pints of lager with wet pussy shots (some horrible concoction of spirits) chasers. That kind of set the bar for the night really. Marge had the ingenius idea of sneaking in about a million miniture bottles of flavoured Absolut Voddy - so by our 3rd pub we were all pretty wrecked. We had an awesome night, drinking, dancing, chatting to so many complete strangers who soon became our new BFF's.

I think Nic and I tumbled in at about 2am, congratulating ourselves in a kind of mutual ego-massaging way (whilst bumping into walls and mouth-raping a chicken carcas for all it was worth), about how grown up we were that we had come home at a sensible hour, and not even that drunk! And hadn't Nic done well to not get wrecked, because, my goodness, it would have been awful to get really really drunk before a 6am flight to melbourne! Marge followed shortly after having spent an extra hour with a fit irish chap she met in one of the pubs (ironically). Shortly followed my Hamish, and a soon to be mostly naked AJ. (apparently after a few jars he just likes to be in his pants - fair enough!).

We must have all passed out soon after being reunited at home, and I woke this morning to a not very happy message from Nic - her (v hungover) knight in shining armour failed to provide the lift to the airport resulting in an expensive and hungover trip in a taxi at 6am. It's just gone mindday now - and if the girl has any sense (and if this chloe is any kind of relative to us), she will be sipping a long island iced tea by the pool and forgetting aaalllll about the grotty morning right about now!

I, on the other hand, am so hungover, I am missing the first day of blue skies and sunshine, in exchange for sitting in a cool darkened office writing my blog, feeling super chuffed about my wonderful gifts that arrived in the post from Faye this morning, and delighted to be reuineted with my wonderful mooncup. I might just about muster enough energy to go have a beer by the pool this aftrenoon! It's a hard life!

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