Wednesday, 17 November 2010

God, I cannot believe I'm blogging.

Ok, So this is my first post. I leave in under a week, so I guess this doesn't really count as part of my travel blog... and I haven't even decided yet how honest an account I am going to make this. Or who will have access to it. But sod it, I have, at least, set myself up a blog!

So I graduated on Monday......
It was a lovely day - no tears etc. David Attenborough gave a funny little speech which was somewhat repetitive, but to be honest, we were just grateful he hadn't died in his chair, as was previously supposed!  

So anyway - now that's out of the way, the whole trip round the world seems alot more real, and I am genuinely, very excited. I will be sad to leave Faye and Jobe, Mum and Pete, Dad, and of course, Simon. Today I went and said my goodbye's to Nan and Pop. I hugged Nan with such force I'm surprised I didn't puncture a lung, however I did squeeze a few tears out of her.

They both look so well considering they're in their eighties, but a year is a long time, and I couldn't help wondering if that might be our last cuddle. I cried all the way home.

Things to remember for next post: be more cheerful.

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