Saturday, 27 November 2010

First Few Days....

So after some teary goodbye's at the airport, I somehow managed to catch both flights, without cocking up once! I even got a spare seat next to me on both legs of the journey so had a v. comfortable experience! Faye - you were right - plane food is delish! Christ knows why they pump you full of it every 4 hours though.

First day and night went in a bit of a jetlagged blur - I managed to stay awake and upright all day. Met Steve, my first couch surfing host, for a few beers and a pizza - we got on super well, all easy going, then I collapsed back at my hotel at 8pm. Can't say I had the best nights sleep - but at least I made it!

Spent all day Friday exploring central Cairns and sunning myself by the lagoon until the rain really got going! Lovely town. Steve met me about 3pm, we came back to his so I could dump my stuff and have a shower then we headed out on the town where I met an awesome french couple, Amelie and David, and some other nice folk. Got back to Steve's at about midnight and stayed up til gone 1am playing guitar and chatting (I showed off my Good King Wenceslas on the recorder!)

Saturday we decided to go to the Tablelands, David drove us in the campervan, it was bloody awesome. First we walked through the rainforest (where we found a massive toad hiding in a termite mound, which Steve promptly bludgeoned to death with a stick) to see Josephine Falls - that's me and Amelie there in front of it! Then to Millaa Milla falls, then to a cool lake with turtles, then to try and see platypus but they were hiding.

Anyway - a fab day all in all. will try and get pics on facebook. We went home for thai take out, watched Shortbus, then crashed.

Woke up about 8.30am and Steve, domestic God that he is, made us amazing pancakes for brekkie. He even showed me how to perform the infamous Tim Tam Slam, don't believe me? google it! you bite a corner off each end, then use it as a straw to suck your coffee though, which almost immediately melts the tim tam into a mushy, chocolaty mess which you have to cram into your mouth as quick as is humanly possible. yum! After that exciting experience, we shuffled off in the stifling heat to the market and had a wonder.

Going to attempt to make a chicken pie for dinner tonight - so off to the supermarket now! catch you later guys! xxxx

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