Tuesday, 18 January 2011

A proper good week ...oz style

We’ve been treated to some amazing aussie weather the last couple of weeks, total bliss. Spent most of last week just basking  in the sun by the pool, reading, listening to music and painting my nails! Simple pleasures.

The weekend was one of my best to date. On Friday, Julie (Viv’s sister), who I haven’t seen since 1997, took me and Viv to Mirage Marina for a look round the shops and fish and chips. They dropped me at Nicola’s to get ready for the ‘Mates in Need’ fundraising street party flood appeal thing.

I met Nic’s friends from work who were lovely, and we bumped into Marge and all went for a drink. Morgan, (one of said work mates), dropped us back at Nic’s where we proceeded, just the two of us, to drink both bottles of pink champagne we’d bought, and then gorged ourselves on Ben’n’Jerry’s Phish Food (Most aussies have never seen or heard of B’n’J’s!).

So sodding hungover Saturday. After obligatory hangover brekkie, we headed straight for main beach, where we soothed our fuzzy heads with beautiful sea air and trashy chick mags. We even snuck into the posh hotel to sneak a dip and de-sand ourselves.

Out hangovers abated, we fooled around like maniac children in Nic’s pool, taking about a billion underwater shots of ourselves. Then off to Viv and Pauls to get dolled up for a small gathering round Sarah’s house.

Sarah is one of Nic’s bezzies, she’s a darl. I’ve met her a few times round here, where she calls viv and paul, mum and dad. She’s the one who managed to get us the Big Day Out tickets – legend. She has an awesome full back piece tat and is just generally a nice lass. So I knew I’d be in good company when Nic invited me to hers for the night.

Me and Amy at Sarah's - check the faux wood paneling!
We had to stop off at one of Nic’s old school fiends on route to Sarah’s, and I was reminded why I hated Roseberry school so much. I’m sure these girls are lovely individually, but 6 of them together and I suddenly feel like a different species; I can’t decipher a single word from the high pitched squarks emanating from the flapping gaggle of  designer clad princesses. I feel super aware of the fact that, whilst they are dressed in the on-trend muted beige and khakis’ of the season, I look like some kind of circus act with red hotpants, white men’s shirt, (thanks Elliot), red, white and blue men’s braces and a nautical neck scarf (thanks op shop). I didn’t have to feel self conscious for long though, cus we made a fairly swift exit and drove to Sarah’s.

Sarah, Brady & Amy
Her apartment is awesome. Super retro. On the waterfront, faux wood paneling throughout, complete with bar in the lounge. Her housemate, Ash, is a hairdresser from brighton, super friendly, first words to me are ‘I love your lipstick!’ (he is, in fact, straight, but I guess 7 years hairdressing in Brighton modifies a man). Stacey is the next to arrive, blue/black long hair, awesome red talons and dressed in leopard print. I am among friends. Next in are Brady and Amy, who I actually love. Brady looks like he meditates for 17 hours out of every day and is dressed in linen yoga clothes. Amy is tall and beautiful and boyish with a bowl do with shaved under-cut, nose ring, straight trousers, men’s black buckled shoes, and best tattoo I have ever seen (simple wire coathanger, dunno why I love it so much).

We have such an easy going, fun, relaxed and enjoyable evening. I’m not sure what time we went to bed. But Me Nic and Ell woke early and headed to Viv and Paul’s for recovery.

I got a text Sunday night from Jamie, the CS guy who had cancelled our Wet’n’Wild date last week due to the floods: “Are you up for W’nW tomorrow?”, Me: “Keen as a bean, 10am out front?”, Jamie: “It’s a plan stan”.

I am still astounded by how easy everything is, I don’t know if its being away from home, or Australia in general, but I’m sure in England, planning a day out takes eons of time and countless rounds of text tennis to establish the right time, place, appropriate dress etc.

So anyway, sure enough, Jamie, and his couch surfer Eric (or as I laterf found out, real name Hendrick – far cooler!), met me there and we proceeded to have one of the most fun days of my trip to date.

Jamie is a 23 year old, tall, smart, thoughtful, interesting, afro-ie Tool fan. Hendrick is an 18 year old, eurotrash loving, ass wiggling, Dutch queer. And he is beautiful, with a personality that lives up to the hype of his face. An unlikely match, the three of us, but we get along as if it has just always been that way, the three of us in a water park.

I love him.
The rides are amazing, One in particular, had me nearly weeing in my bikini. It is a vertical tube, many many meters high (about 12 flights of stairs). All the while you are watching the people in front take their turns, and hear their screams, genuine screams of terror, the volume of which drops frighteningly quickly as they fall at speed away from the top platform, where you await your turn. It’s time. You stand in the tube, it closes like you are being cryogenically frozen, then there is a count down “3…..2…..1….” and the floor you are standing on is pulled from beneath your feet and you free fall down this massive vertical pipe, with enough force and slip from the water that you do a 360 degree lopp’de’loop, emerging at ground level with your bikini bottoms probably visible through your mouth, if it was open wide enough.  Which mine was, because I too, screamed unashamedly for my life. It was amazing. But I am never doing it again.

Viv picked me up from the water park at 6pm. After a quick shower, I test-drove the new Mount Tambourine dress at Jahni’s gig. She was as good as Elliot had described. It was a lovely evening, but poor Vivvy is still in too much pain so she had to miss it out. Just me, Nic, Elliot (and his band mate Andy) and Paul.

Me, Hendrick, and Jamie :)

Yesterday was much the same as I started this blog, a well deserved day listening to tunes, doing my nails, and reading by the pool. Bliss.

I’m off to Brisbane tomorrow to see Hendrick and Jamie, and Ben who I went to the Hinterlands with. Then next week Simon arrives! SO you may not hear from me for a while.

Speak soon my little blogettes.


Jahni doing her thing at the gig
Me and Nic post gig

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