Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Life After Cairns ....First days in Airlie

Cedar Creek Falls
I am eager to write about my hilarious bushwalking adventure, but I’ll come to that later – first I’ll update on how things have been since leaving Cairns.

The journey was awful, and I arrived, friday morning, in the pouring rain, fully expecting my hosts to be at work, thus leaving me 8 hours to kill with all my baggage. But I tired them anyway, and as luck would have it (my luck, not theirs), Phil had had a car accident so they were both off work (nothing serious!)

I immediately felt at home with Wendy and Phil. Their cats, Monty and Harley are adorable. And Oscar the parrot is also v friendly. Wendy’s son, Bradey, is staying with his Dad for a couple of weeks in WA, so I get his comfy bedroom!  I had a sleep to catch up on hours from the hell-on-earth bus ride, and then a lovely homecooked meal and an early night.

Saturday was Phil’s work do, so him and Wendy were out all day, I just chilled, walked to beach, sent some postcards etc.  And on Wendy’s advice, I went into a travel agent and asked if there were any volunteering jobs on the sailing ships – they offered me a position on Solway Lass, a tall pirate ship, for 4 days. Duties include cleaning the bogs and prepping the ship etc, but free bed and board! Yippeeee! Not til the 14th dec though, so Wendy and Phil kindly say I can stay an extra 4 nights, making my stay in total almost 2 weeks! 

Eungella Sky Window
So… another early night, after my failed attempt at Yorkshire puddings, and up early Sunday for a trip to Eungella National Park. AMAZING. Swam in a waterfall, saw a massive goanna lizard, a golden orb spider, ate delicious pinnacle pies at pinnacles pub. It was super. That night we met Phil’s son Jason for dinner, all get on famously.

View from W&P's
Monday I spent the day cooking a thai green curry for wendy and phil. Had a brief walk into town and sat by the lagoon, then had early dinner, watched Almost Famous, which they had never seen, and got another 10pm night! Lush! Tuesday I went to meet their new Couch Surfer, Massimo, an Italian. V. sweet, v. little English spoken! Wendy and Phil got home and cooked another delicious meal, we all watched telly and crashed. Nice to have a few quieter days, but getting itchy feet, so time for an adventure!

                                                     Wendy and Phil eating their pies!

Golden Orb!

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